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These days, publishers are trying to find a new way to invest financial resources in business systems. Publishers should make a long-term investment in new systems that let them introduce their books to the online audience. Thus, publishing becomes all about finding audiences for authors' works on the Internet. Here are some more considerations on this subject matter through the perspective of BookNet Canada:

  • Reader's awareness of books via offline and online channels has become more or less the same. 50% of all books are used through online resources such as online stores, social channels, or other community sites.
  • 42% of book suggestions considered by readers are now available on online channels. Word-of-mouth and personal recommendations have become a strong indicator for the reader's final choice.
  • 48% of book purchases are made online, meaning that the growing dominance of online sales channels is still the case. This fact is also closely related to pricing, service policies, stock availability, and user experience, whether it comes to novelas romanticas historicas, Libros de Fantasia or any other genres.

The e-book on BookNet is not the most important digital transformation in book publishing. For most Canadian publishers and distributors, this trend is associated with an urgent need for investments in the following areas:

  1. Increased effectiveness in analyzing bibliographic data. While most companies have invested money in the improvement of the ONIX data they supply to trade facilities, these data are not well-integrated into publishers' online resources.
  2. Improved activities across all mobile and desktop devices are enabled by the new norms for website management. 55% of all Internet users are exploring ebooks via mobile devices, so consumer expectations in this regards are more or less clear. Book buyers want to be able to browse, share, and download books on digital devices easily.
  3. User experience is organized by new customers and service norms established by the leading online booksellers. Most publishers have great space to boost their direct sales via their own homages.

High efficiency in terms of reader involvement and direct sales processing cannot be ignored in the modern realities. After all, the operating context for every publishing platform is related to its capacity.

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