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Hello Friends and Fellow Gardeners, November 22,2013 I wish to keep a running commentary of the happenings on a lavender farm, but alas, the farm keeps me running, and hardly at a computer. Such is the gift of a busy life, and fortunate am I that the plant in my life is lavender. It is calming and forces periods of arrest in the hectic to and fro. On my mind is the invitation to all who can be in the area to attend our annual open house. We look forward to a last visit with friends of Lavender before the winter sets another pace, and this writer disappears down under. JOIN US AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS to celebrate the beauty of Northern Michigan, the rewards of a fruitful harvest season and the joy of the season to come. Our tasty, chef prepared delights draw huge crowds to our little shop in the country in early December. It is the end of our season of farming and the beginning of ideas for the coming year. We hope you will be a part of our celebration. December 6 &7, 10AM-5PM. NEW PRODUCT: I visited the Nutcracker Market in Houston,(my sister made me do it)and met a lovely couple from Italy. They commission hand screened linens that I found charming and represent a modern, fresh look at the lavender plant. Naturally, not inexpensive to import, but they add an interpretation of quality to the plant......can you tell I revere so much about lavender? I cannot help but share the discoveries that keep dropping at my feet because of lavender "antennae." Activity at the farm is reduced to a minimum, but excitedly, we are now setting all things in place for the Open House. I will get back to work, but please email any questions or comments you would like to share. I will address them in this newsletter, as promptly as possible. Blessings and Peace, Linda


January 1, 2014
Blessings and Peace to you all in this New Year, 2014
We wish to thank all our wonderful friends who traveled in the chilly weather to our annual Open House to share good stories and some good food. Shane and Jean Brown, chefs at the Petoskey-Bay View country club, again provided tastey selections for our table, and we were able to serve our Lavender Grey Tea. It was a lovely time to visit with you and enjoy the ambience of a lavender farm (in its restive mood). The fields were still, silent , but the Lavender HIll Mob was busy as bees in the middle of our lavender creations. Couldn't stand still.
The "Mob" has now spread to individual cozy nests for the winter where they will work on the offerings for Spring. Conversations have begun for special events that will greet you in the summer months when the fields are abloom. Naturally there is a mix of old and new ideas, people, and ongoing projects. We throw everything into the hopper and hope to have some wonderful times emerge in 2014. The sewing ladies miss you and the lavender so much that they have scheduled a meeting every month to gather together just for fun and lunch. Lavender is a bond.
This year, we hope to have the results of testing performed on our oil. It is important for our distilling process, and challenging dreams for Linda. The results will direct some of our planting and harvesting. We like to present useful information for those who use the oil........and for our own continued education.
Stay tuned for reports of the "off season" research. We focus on the plant and then how that can impact what we will present to you at the farm and gift shop. Please do contact us with any questions. The list of varieties to be available for purchase at our end of May Plant sale will be printed in the next newsletter entry.
Be well, keep warm and enjoy the winter. Linda sends greetings from a cooler than normal summer, down under.

March 5, 2014
I'll scratch out a quick note to let you know that lavender is still at the front of our planning for 2014. Roy and I will leave in the morning for a trip to the very southernmost coast of Australia. We will visit 2 long established lavender farms in Victoria. We'll then fly to New Zealand to "reset " my visa. I am taking our "Violet Intrigue" essential oil to be tested and will anxiously await results.
The farm has been under the near record breaking snowfalls of the winter. Staff have survived, but are eagerly looking for signs of Spring. We all are dreaming of the peaceful fields, bathed in sunshine. We can't wait to see you at the farm. Until next time, Be Well and Scatter Joy.

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