Laundry Bar

Lavender Hill LAUNDRY BAR is a hand made soap that succesfully removes spots and stains on clothing an other fabrics. We thought it was a miracle when the stain of fresh cherries rubbed into a white t-shirt was completely removed with one treatment using the LAUNDRY BAR!

Here is a list of stains completely removed by the LAUNDRY BAR:
Red wine, tea, coffee, ketchup, tomato, salad dressing, chocolate, cooking oil, grass stains, bicycle chain grease, paint, mud/dirt, ring-around-the-collar, make-up, and many more mystery stains. Some difficult stains such as certain mustards require a second try. With stains that don't come out the first time, we believe that not enough soap was applied. Upon second application, the stains come out. A bar used for laundry stains can last several years.

Start laundry by filling the washer with water and your normal laundry detergent or soap. Add all wash except the heavily soiled articles. Dampen the soiled or stained area with water. Rub the dry laundry bar into the stained spot 3-4 times. Toss the article of clothing into the washer with the rest of the wash and finish the normal washing cycle. This bar can last 5 years as a superior laundry booster.

There are so many stain treating products on the shelf today because so many of them do not work on a variety of stains. Present treatments try to lighten the stain. LAUNDRY BAR lifts the stain out of fabric. A favorite shirt or pair of pants can be saved from the rag bag! What a savings to be able to keep your clothes instead of throwing them out. It is about sensible stewardship.

We can make a tremendous difference in our environment by not adding harmful chemicals into the sewers. Protect our water. Wash wisely and with confidence. LAVENDER HILL FARMS wants to make a difference. You can help.


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