About Lavender Hill Farms

Lavender Hill FarmsAcquired in 2003 by Linda and Roy Longworth, the property has been groomed for lavender production. After traveling the world visiting lavender farms and studying growing techniques, the Longworths were delighted to discover that lavender thrives on the 45th parallel in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Incredibly, Lavender Hill Farm, near Horton Bay, Michigan (Yes, Hemingway Country) also lies on the 45th parallel. Additionally, the natural limestone deposits common in the Great Lakes region provide the soil with an ideal Ph of 7 out of the 6 to 8 recommended for growing lavender.

So perfect is the soil and climate on the farm, that the first plantings settled in beyond expectations. The farm currently has over 8000 plants of 30 different varieties with plans to increase the fields each year. If you want go get here and need some money for this just read short introduction from 24loanstore about payday loans http://24loanstore.com/payday-loans-what-do-you-need-to-begin-with.html and you will know what to do.

Lavender Hill FarmsThe Longworths originally planted lavender as food for their honeybees. Soon after, they acquired an appreciation for the essential oil distilled from the flower. After the bees have had their fill of nectar and pollen, the lavender is still gorgeous, fragrant and full of therapeutic oil. Lavender Hill works to find uses for all parts of the plant.

Lavender Hill lavender is grown without SPRAYS, pesticides, or herbicides in the most pristine environment possible for this most essential herb. This is accomplished by covering the fields with weed barrier cloth which has the added benefits of preventing weeds which battle with the lavender for nutrients, keeping the soil warm, reducing drying from the winds, and yielding a clean product for culinary and craft use.

Lavender Hill FarmsLocal artisans create the sachets, linens, spa pillows and other gifts found in our lavender shop. Our all natural goats milk soap with lavender, and the LAUNDRY BAR are made by the locally owned and operated family business, “SOAPS ‘N SUCH”. Esperance, a Charlevoix Deli, blends and packages two different herb mixes using our lavender. Other local businesses make our lavender jelly, lavender shortbread, and custom blended "Lavender Grey Tea".

The Longworths have attended national and international conferences to learn from top researchers and growers in the lavender industry. In 2009, Cambridge Botanical Gardens sponsored a conference in England where reports were presented on the medicinal uses of lavender. Field trips to Norfolk Lavender and Downderry Nursery were part of the conference. Dr. Noel Porter of New Zealand conducted a seminar on training "the Nose " to identify important chemicals by their fragrance/odor. Linda was an attendee at the Northwest Lavender Conference in Seattle in November of 2011. This was an important venue for those with interest in lavender to exchange information about the industry in the United States.