Lavender Hill Farms

 A favorite family farm visit in Northern Michigan is also the site of a new agricultural crop finding success on the gentle farmlands near the 45th parallel. Rolling hills of lavender are creating a must see destination for tourists, garden clubs, families and plein air artists.

 Honey Bees at Lavender Hill Farms

Visitors can enjoy a tour of the fields, join a class in making lavender wands, walk the lavender labyinth, shop a while in the giftshop, or sit under the big walnut tree to relax and contemplate the serene countryside. Individuals and groups can schedule a tour or consultation on growing lavender or beekeeping.


Visitor Tours at Lavender Hill Farms

Lavender Hill Farms, established in 2003, is the largest commercial lavender farm in Michigan. The owners are committed to growing healthy varieties to supply the ever increasing demand for fresh and dried flowers, culinary lavender and a variety of sachets for home use. The farm is an earth friendly farm using no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. So suited is the soil in Northern Michigan, that the use of fertilizers and irrigation is not necessary. Over 25 varieties are grown at Lavender Hill Farms, all of which are hand planted and harvested.  Visitors are able to pick their own lavender, or perhaps view the distilling process.



                                                                            SPRING  HOURS

                                             THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY...........10am -4pm

JUNE 21.........10 TH ANNIVERSARY  CELEBRATION................10AM-4PM

 NEW..........NEW.......NEW......NEW   in 2014             LUNCH  IN LAVENDER..........see events page

GREETINGS to all dear friends and lavender lovers. Congratulations to all those who survived "the winter" and are out working in their gardens, hopeful for yet another beautiful growing season. Lavender Hill has been blessed with bright green-in May, no less. We have had callers from many areas asking if our lavender survived. We did not have significant loss of plants, however I advise people to be patient as I never can identify a dead plant until June. Lavender has its own thermostat and will show life when it is comfortable doing so. I am seeing some plants in the healing stage and putting out new shoots, fuller than the year before. The wonders of nature.
I came across some notes and enjoyed this quote:
  "And when your back stops aching and your hands begin to harden.......
   you will find yourself a partner in the Glory of the Garden.
                                                                                                  Rudyard Kipling
I am there now, and hope you will join all of us at Lavender Hill this summer. We have lots of events planned. We have lots of lavender for you to take home. See you soon, Linda and the Mob

Violet Intrigue                                               Grosso
Melissa                                                         Phenomenal
Mitchem Grey                                               White Spike
Elizabeth                                                       Cathy Blanc
Hidcote Blue
Royal Velvet

BLOOM REPORT...........
We are seeing a hint of purple. It is not yet the glorious PURPLE HAZE.  I predict here will be flowers on July 1st,  but still expect the peak to be in the second week of July.


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