Why May You Need PDF Format?

If you have ever wanted to print something, you must know that PDF is the favorite format for any printing house. Let's start from afar. Printing layouts in the printing house are brought in any formats you like. The programs of the company Microsoft - Word and PowerPoint are worth mentioning. Since these programs are not polygraphic, but office ones, certain problems may arise, the most serious of which is the lack of programs in the printing center or printing house.

The times when computer users with impunity put pirated software gradually become a thing of the past. All sorts of checks, fines and other sanctions forced many printing companies to install quite expensive licensed software.

What is PDF and Why Is It Needed?

PDF was developed by Adobe and stands for Portable Document Format. We will not go into the specifics of the format, of which there are many, but we note the most important advantage: PDF files are cross-platform - they use fonts and bitmaps used in the layout, so that the contents of the files are displayed in different operating systems and different computers the same way. Thus, you can make a layout in any program, but you need to bring a PDF file to the printing house. The inevitable question is how to make a PDF file?

Most modern programs, including office ones, have the option of converting to PDF and vice versa PDF to Word. It can be called as "convert to PDF", "save as ...", etc. - you just need to find this option, sometimes displayed on the top panel of the program as an icon. If the program does not allow to convert the document, then on our website in the menu you can find the link "How to make a PDF file", which describes how to make a PDF from any program. We will not describe the process of converting to PDF from each specific program, but we will mark several important points.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are quite a few versions of PDF. For the layout of offset printing, use version 1.3 (at most 1.4). If your program does not allow you to install the correct version, use the "for high-quality printing" or "for high-quality printing" presets. Do not use the for Web PDF save option - in this case, the file will be minimal in size, but the compression and optimization of images is only possible for viewing the document via the Internet: they are not suitable for printing.

Do not use the option to save PDF as "protected" or "archive format". Be sure to check out the resulting PDF file. Converting to PDF will solve many problems arising from the incompatibility of software versions, the lack of fonts used in the layout of the computer on the typography and the absence of the programs themselves. A PDF file will be opened in any printing house of any state - the PDF format was created for this purpose.

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