Dota 2: Scary and Dangerous Heroes

Having tried several dozens of heroes, most players highlight these remarkable 3 heroes with one common characteristic of Nuker. This class is distinguished by the fact that the heroes do not deal very great damage during a manual attack, but they have several powerful spells in reserve that can inflict a whole cloud of damage to the enemy. The characters of Dota 2 of the Nuker class I chose are part-time supports, but with strong spells that inflict real damage. Learn more about these characters to contribute to success of

Skywrath Mage

The characters of Dota 2 are very diverse, but some are very similar to each other. Let's remind you that ulta is the coolest spell of a character, it is pumped over at 6, 11 and 16 levels. Lyon gives a large one-time damage in one hit, and the rooster hits the area for 2.5 seconds, the difference is not great, but there is. The region itself is not very big, it is unlikely that it will manage to catch more than one hero, and he can just get out. Therefore, playing the rooster is more difficult. You need to throw the ulta in advance for the enemy to pass through it. Do not be in a hurry to be upset, everything is not so bad, the damage of a rooster from the ultimate ability is one and a half times higher than that of Lyon.

Windranger: Windy Beauty

This fragile girl may give heat to the whole team. Ulta accelerates the attack to a maximum of one target for 20 seconds. True, if you use it without aganim, then you will receive a large penalty to damage, and the blue staff removes all negative effects.

Shadow shaman

You'll definitely like the cheerful and sincere smile of this character and his blunt look. Many players think that this is the kindest hero after Storm Spirit and Pu?k, all the characters of Dota 2 should be leveled at him. In fact, this is a subtle technique in order to mislead the enemy. Looking at the skills of this character, you can safely name him a real support. Like the previous two heroes, he has a very damaging ult.

So, the shaman has a spell to disable the enemy. This spell is squared, as it deprives the combat capability of not only the enemy, but also the shaman himself. For 5 seconds, our summoner loses the ability to attack and cast spells, linking the enemy with magic. This is useful if you have thrown snakes near an enemy hero. To detain a coward, you can bind him and wait while the summoned creatures spit him to death. If he still tries to leave, then he will leave humiliated and insulted.

Learn which of the characters is the most dangerous one.

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