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Are you a fan of shooters? Then, you should definitely check games, which are gaining more and more popularity. Only being aware of the basics of games and analyzing their strategies, you will get more opportunities and will be able not only play games but earn profit from betting on, which is one of the most popular entertainment nowadays.

One of the most popular genres of shooter games are: online, offline, first-person, third-person, cartoon and frivolous, brutal, survival simulators or mindless post battles. In such conditions, it is difficult to make a list of the most popular shooters on a PC, especially when there is a limit on their number. But we did it, so we present the list of the best games that fall into the category of shooters.

4 Great Shooting Games

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a multiplayer sandbox with a huge seamless world, an abundance of equipment, weapons and heroes. This brought a tolerable story, in which the American special squad was sent to South America, to fight with precociously developed local drug mafia. The cartel seized control of the country, pays the authorities to keep silent, and the people keep in fear and submission. The task of the gamer is to eradicate the infection by any means and first of all deal with the main drug mafia and his assistants.
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: One more project from the Tom Clancy's series came to our TOP shooter games, and this is Rainbow Six Siege. There is the classic confrontation of an elite police special forces and a detachment of terrorists elevated to the absolute. Despite the 2015 release, Rainbow Six Siege was provided with cool graphics, which will please even the current picky gamers, and with adequate optimization. Much attention in the game is paid to the very assault, and the confrontation between the special forces and the terrorists was pushed into the background, therefore only the 9th place in our rating.
  • Fortnite: In the middle of 2017, the gaming world received Fortnite - a multiplayer shooter with elements of survival, or as it is now fashionable to call it - a cooperative sandbox. The task of gamers is to collect resources and build a base, and then fight off zombies and other players. The developers of the game, the studio Epic Games, calls his creation a hurricane mix of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: It is another multiplayer shooter made by Valve (along with the studio Hidden Path Entertainment). Released in 2012, the game continued the work of Counter-Strike: Source, therefore, provided gamers with an updated picture, corrected balance and many visual changes of weapons (skins). As in the previous games of the series, the story of CS: GO is tied to the confrontation of elite special forces units with various terrorist groups. Since 2013, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become a cyber discipline and still gathers millions of gamers.

Each game from the list has a lot of things to impress you! Choose the game you like most and give it a try!

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