New Warrior Cards for You to Check

There are a lot of cards every hero has. Check new cards of the Warrior to know how you can benefit from their use. The more you know about each card, the more successful your game is. It is especially good for betting. Check hearthstone player rankings before you get started.

  • The main demolition man. The legendary map, another variation of the famous Doctor Boom. Judging by the new maps, Blizzard wants to create a completely new archetype - Bumvar. Already announced a lot of cards that knead the bombs in the deck of the enemy. But this Boom is something like a crown of the deck. If these are the same Explosion Bots that the original Doctor Boom had, then the card will literally tear up the ladder. No wonder, for 7 mana in leitgame you will have a 7/7 body, plus 6 (most likely, there are no special problems with bombs) small mechanisms that will cause 1-4 damage to a random target.
  • Omega destroyer. It is an epic card. Another representative of the omega-family, this time is on the side of the Warrior. Very good control tool for middle/late game. 10 damage is always serious. Moreover, it is a mechanism that allows access to synergies. It is 4/5 for 4 mana. In extreme cases, it can be put in the pace. 8 out of 10.
  • Heikalibur. Epic weapon. An excellent map for Bumvar, about which it was written above. You can also use cards that enhance weapons, which will allow to plant even more bombs. More bombs - more bots - more damage. Profit 8 out of 10 for excellent synergies.
  • Clockwork goblin. It is a rare map. It is another card in the piggy bank of synergies with Boom. 3/3 for 3 mana, plus potentially 5 damage, this is already very good.
  • Motivation. If everything we considered before worked perfectly with Dr. Boom, then this card has a different new synergy. This card can also serve as an activator of execution, or other synergies with creatures with an incomplete health reserve. In any case, the map is very flexible, and will certainly find a place in the meta.
  • The machinations of Dr. Boom. Another card with another new mechanics. The card only makes sense when the Warrior can confidently play long games, in other words, only in the control deck. If the meta is similar to what is now, it is unlikely that this card will be able to reveal its potential, because for this you need at least 7-8 moves.

Learn about the benefits each card has and win the game.

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